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You may have noticed that our prices remained unchanged again this year (other than reduced shipping prices). Our longtime customers may have noticed that we’ve had only one price increase of 5% in the last 15 years despite rising costs for supplies and labor, particularly over the past few years.

This isn’t something we can always do and we’ve already decided that we’ll do another small increase next year, but we’re putting it off for now when our customers are being squeezed by inflation in every other area of their lives. We’ve been fortunate that all of our product manufacturing and shipping takes place from one place in the USA which shields us from many overseas supply issues, and our employees are committed to quality and customer service.
We’ve released some new products for on-site rapid testing for pork residue and have some exciting projects and new technology in the works that we hope to present at industry events next year. We’re very excited to be involved in efforts to identify the next steps of protein-based testing and we’ll share more once those data are published.
Many of you have been purchasing our products for 10 years, with some customers sticking with us for several decades. We’ll continue to do what we can to help you all through difficult times and provide you with high quality, USA-made products. Thank you for your loyalty and support!

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    1. Justin Bickford

      That is a topic you’d have to discuss with the company managing your FSA/HSA account. The IRS rules regarding eligibility for FSA/HSA expenses are available here. If your insurer has questions about EZ Gluten and how it may be used “primarily to alleviate or prevent a physical or mental disability or illness”, let us know and we will answer any questions as best we can. We try to include answers to questions like this on our FAQ, but we just don’t have very much information to provide on this topic.

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