Certificates of Analysis Online

We’re making it easier to access your Certificates of Analysis for EZ Gluten!
We try to send these out to customers that need them, but we don’t always get that out with your order. Some customers notice a missing certificate during internal audits or when an inspector is on the way. We want to make this easier, so we’ve added Certificates of Analysis to the EZ Gluten website at ezgluten.com/coa/.
We have CoAs going back to our first EZ Gluten kits in 2008, but we want to keep this simple. If you need something older than 2023, just let us know and we’ll get it to you.
Do you also need a copy of our most recent PTM certificate? That’s the third-party industry certification from the AOAC Research Institute that allows results to be used for most gluten-free product certifications. We’ve got that too!
Did you know we are the only gluten test kit available for home use with an industry-level certification? That’s because we built EZ Gluten to establish the industry standards that are still in use today and we want you to know that this is a product founded on quality and reliability.
We make a point to be a resource for the community, so if there is anything you feel we can provide, let us know! We try to get as much information out as we can on our FAQ and when we are invited to give educational seminars, but we know there’s always more.

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