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EZ Gluten® is very simple. It was designed for industry, but simple enough for home use. Everything you need is included and you have results within 10-15 minutes. You can learn more about successfully running your test in the video here or download the instructions here.

No, EZ Gluten® is only for detecting the presence of gluten in foods, beverages, and surfaces.

No, these are single-use tests.

Yes. Everything you need is small and compact.

Yes. EZ Gluten® is a PTMSM certified method (License #051101). In fact, EZ Gluten® was used by the AOAC to establish the PTMSM requirements for rapid gluten tests and remains the only PTMSM certified gluten test available for home use.
PTMSM (Performance Tested MethodSM) is a rigorous certification offered by the AOAC Research Institute, the organization that advises the FDA on food standards and official test methods, and this certification is required for tests to be recognized by many gluten-free certification bodies.

Our CoAs are now publicly available. Visit our CoA page and find your lot number to download your certificate.

EZ Gluten® was developed by ELISA Technologies, Inc. in Gainesville, Florida over 15 years ago, where it remains manufactured without interruption today. Since our founding in 1991, ELISA Technologies has been an independent, family-owned, small business dedicated to food safety and our community. This is what guides our approach to business and the communities we serve.

Once you remove the strip from the test tube hold the test alongside the test identification sheet to read your results.

  • Negative (Gluten is not detected): The red control (C) and red hook (H) lines are present, but there is no red test (T) line.
  • Positive (Gluten is detected): The red control, hook and test lines are all present.
  • High Positive and Very High Positive (High level of gluten): Red control (C) and test (T) lines are present but there is no red hook (H) line.
  • Invalid: There is no red control (C) line present, regardless of the presence of other red lines. In this case, the test must be repeated. Or you may call our office for more information.

EZ Gluten how do I read my test strip FAQ

Active enzymes will cause a lower result by ELISA testing and a higher result by a lateral flow test, such as EZ Gluten®, leading to false negative and false positive results, respectively. It is necessary to inactivate any enzymes prior to testing to obtain an accurate result. We recommend heating the liquid sample at 95-100 °C in a water bath or by placing the sample in a bag or container and floating it in boiling water for 10-15 minutes prior to testing. Dry samples must be hydrated prior to heat-inactivation; for such samples instead perform the heat treatment between steps 3 and 4 of the EZ Gluten instructions.