EZ Gluten Test Kit – 100 Pack


KIT INCLUDES: test tube • transfer pipette • measuring spoon • test strips (in a foil pouch) • a vial of extraction solution • kit instructions

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This 100 pack of EZ Gluten™  Test Kits include everything you need to run 100 separate tests.

Manufactured by ELISA Technologies, EZ Gluten™  Test Kit is an easy to use kit that will quickly detect the presence of gluten in foods and beverages. It is sensitive enough to detect levels of gluten as low as 10 parts per million (ppm), boasting results at half of the current FDA standard which requires <20 ppm for gluten-free labelling. EZ Gluten also tests both Gliadin and Glutenin, the two major types of gluten, creating a more sensitive and realizable result with our tests.

Manufacturer Testing: Perfect for industry use in kitchens and manufacturing facilities, EZ GlutenTest Kits are versatile enough to be used to test individual ingredients in foods such as flours or oils, raw and cooked products such as muffins, pizza, and liquid beverages such as beer and juices. It is also widely used by numerous food producers in the US and around the world in day-to-day operations for product production or before final products leave manufacturing facilities.

At-Home Testing: Simple enough to run a test at home; EZ Glutenis proud to be available directly and continuously for consumers and their testing needs. Portable enough for on-the-go testing at restaurants or to use while traveling, it provides consumers with a great way to feel at ease when they need to know about gluten and gliadin’s presence in foods or liquids.

Testing: Strategically designed as a single-use test, EZ Gluten™ Test Kit reduces costs and eliminates cross-contamination risks. Easy and fast to use, our kits include all that is needed for an on-site test. Simply add your food or beverage of choice, and wait 10 minutes for instant results. EZ GlutenTest Kit is also a good solution for testing prepping and cooking surfaces. Please download the surface swab testing instructions here for more information.

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